Here At CHS Superior Landscaping

By constructing our projects with the best possible materials and industry knowledge along with additional guarantees and warranties, we ensure our products stand the test of time and showcase what the landscape industry is all about.

No matter how lovely your property is, it is instantly downgraded when your curb appeal is lacking. This is why CHS focuses on the installation & maintenance of outdoor spaces in both commercial & residential settings through the following services:


  • Ranging from Slate Chips to multicolored river rock – Decorative landscape stone can be a great addition to any garden beds. Lasting forever, this eliminates seasonal replacement generally associated with other garden bed fillers.
  • From planting full size trees to pollinator friendly gardens, CHS Superior Landscaping does it all.
  • Ranging from pet or playground turf to a coastal putting green, CHS Superior Landscaping has the industry knowledge to cover any of your artificial turf needs.
  • A brand new Kentucky Bluegrass lawn sourced from the best distributors in the state is only a call away. From the removal of an old weathered lawn to the installation of new sod, our crews understand the entire process of implementing a new lawn.
  • Whether you need an area graded for drainage issues, foundational preps or upcoming installs, CHS has the equipment necessary to cover all of your grading needs.
  • From designing a multi-zone system for your 50,000+ sq footage commercial property to a single-zone system at your residential property, our skilled team can help put together the right system for your lawn needs.
  • Fencing offers a private environment for your existing or newly installed exterior space. Ranging from home security to protection from Duluth’s harsh elements, a properly installed fence can be the final step for many exterior spaces.
  • With a 95% germination rate our seed is ranked amongst some of the highest germination rates in the industry.


  • Paver Hardscapes help to neutralize your current landscapes by adding a relaxing and fully functional utility area.
  • Defining and maximizing your outdoor space through retaining walls is one of our main specialties. Besides functionality, we believe a retaining wall has the capability to drastically enhance your landscape through the material used in construction. Whether that is natural stones or locking concrete blocks, we offer industry solutions that best fit each project’s needs.
  • Steps are another component that can transform and drastically enhance your landscape while also providing a form of utilization.
  • Natural stone edging can give your gardens the drastic pop that you’re looking for, offering a beautiful beautiful design aspect that man-made edging cannot offer.
  • Create a beautiful focal point where you can relax, enjoy nature, and entertain family and friends in a comfortable, fashionable way.